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15/11/2019 News

Total Oil Australia launches heavy duty RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40

Total Oil Australia launches heavy duty RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40

TOTAL RUBIA WORKS – tailor made lubricants for mining machinery.

Total Oil Australia has a strong track record in the Australian mining, transport, civil and earthmoving industries, utilising its RUBIA range of heavy duty engine oils to improve operational efficiency and vehicle reliability across the country.

In line with its commitment to innovation, Total has released the latest, technologically advanced TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 lubricant to the Australian market to suit a huge variety of on and off road applications.

After three years of research and development to perfect the product, TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is formulated based on the latest API CK-4 performance classification.

It has been specifically developed to address the severe duty operating conditions found in off-highway applications and to exceed the high demands of mining and earthmoving machinery manufacturers.

The product also effectively combats the punishing conditions encountered by on-highway vehicles, such as road-trains in the outback.

TOTAL Lubrifiants’ Research Centre in Lyon, south of France has conducted modified oxidation tests to ensure the product is able to meet more demanding needs than prevailing industry methods, to address the most stringent oxidative conditions in which severe duty diesel engines are often subjected to.

Thanks to improved oxidation resistance, and significant reduction of deposits and varnish at high temperatures, drain intervals for TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 can go beyond an impressive 500 working hours or 60,000 kilometres, if used correctly in conjunction with the Total ANAC oil condition monitoring service.

Part of Total’s secret lies in its engine oil formulation with detergent-based additives to clean high temperature piston deposits. Special ashless dispersant additives are used to prevent sludge formation, which keeps engine surfaces clean and in good working condition.

Tests have shown RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is able to tolerate higher temperatures without sacrificing performance. The new product also meets the SAPS restrictions of engine manufactures and helps extend diesel particulate filter service life.

The cutting-edge customer benefits of TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 include lubrication cost savings through improved service lengths and consolidation, increased uptime and productivity, improved efficiency and enhanced engine durability.

TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 has been specifically developed for the most recent engines of the world’s leading Transport, construction and mining equipment manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Komatsu, Mack, MTU, Hitachi, Isuzu, Iveco and Volvo.

TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 carries the formal approvals from many of these manufacturers that issue approval certifications.

Further, TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is perfectly suited to earlier versions of diesel engines with or without exhaust after treatment.

TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 meets the latest API CK-4 and ACEA E9/E7 performance classifications and is included in the JASO Diesel engine oil list for DH-2 category.

Moreover, TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is further tested to the extreme by doubling the severity of the JASO Hot Tube Test Standard from 280–290 degrees Celsius. The result, TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 maintained its strong product performance and merit rating, wherein many competitors would otherwise struggle to attain.

This is strong evidence that this new, locally available lubricant by Total is superior for quality, performance and specifications; and built to handle the toughest of conditions.

To learn more about Total Oil Australia’s range of quality lubricants, head to, or contact email [email protected], or call TOLL FREE 1800 TOTAL OIL (1800 868 256).

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