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TotalEnergies has demonstrated its ability to reduce mining companies Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on several occasions.

We call it continuous improvement projects

Together with the mining operator, we work with your Finance, Warehouse, Maintenance, Mining and HSEQ teams to find opportunities to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership while at the same time ensuring oil quality and environmental protection.

Typically, these projects can be:

  1. Introduction of energy-efficient and fuel-saving lubricants.
  2. The implementation of new lubrication procedures.
  3. Changes in the storage infrastructure and logistics.

For this to happen, a strong involvement of the mining company is needed. On our side, we commit to demonstrate the savings to you, at the end of the project.

Today, TotalEnergies is leading some of those projects in Asia, Africa and America. Contact TotalEnergies team today to know more about our Continuous Improvement Projects for your mine.


Choosing the right combination of lubricants

Replacing one lubricant with the other can reduce more than just the lubricating cost.

You can choose a lubricant that will decrease your energy use and/or fuel consumption or increase your oil life which means less oil consumption and less waste of oil…

Or maybe you prefer a lubricant that protects your machines and allow you to use it for a longer period while reducing your maintenance cost…

And increasing your machine performance and availability will also increase your productivity... less downtime cost!

Further, you can also choose to increase your savings in physical inventories and working capital (minus up to 19% of your total oil cost) by using a lubricant for a wide range of operations and temperatures. 

Dirk De BRUYN - Vice President Global Mining

Using our direct presence on 600 mines in over 130 countries, TotalEnergies offers our mining customers a full range of products and services aimed at reducing carbon footprints and ensuring the lowest TCO.

Dirk De BRUYN Vice President Global Mining

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