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Control and manage all your energy consumption

OPTIMIZER is an innovative solution developed by TotalEnergies, allowing site managers to monitor all their energy consumption (fuels, lubricants, electricity, solar etc.) thanks to a simple and personalized dashboard. Optimizer’s unique technology is able to aggregate and reconcile all of the different sources of data linked to operations available on the mine site, whether it comes from a Fuel Management system, OEMs on board-computers, ERPs, Scada system, GPS/ ID sensors, etc. Using that information, Optimizer is able to generate the most relevant KPI’s on a daily basis, which will allow key users on the mine site to quickly detect any abnormal event that could impact the mine’s operations and use these alerts to implement corrective actions which would generate energy savings.

 How OPTIMIZER helps your mine site:


Customer success story

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  1. DEMO:Meet with your local TotalEnergies sales representative for a free demonstration.
  2. DIAGNOSTIC:Our Optimizer team will run a diagnostic for your site and suggest the right Optimizer package for your needs.
  3. IMPLEMENTATION:After signing up and linking your existing systems, Optimizer will capture your usage data across fuel, lubricants and energy.
  4. START BENCHMARKING:After 30 days, your TotalEnergies sales representative will walk you through the initial findings, identify any problem areas and recommend an action plan for you to reduce your fuel, lubricant and electricity costs.
  5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT:With this information, you can start taking action to reduce your costs and see your profits increase.


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