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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a blend of light hydrocarbons consisting primarily of methane. It is naturally present in certain porous rock.

How is CNG stored?

CNG is stored in one or more cylinders under high pressure(between 200 and 250 bars).

What vehicles run on CNG?

Any type of vehicle can operate on CNG: trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars.


Natural gas


Whether they run on Diesel or natural gas, combustion engines operate by burning a mixture​ of air and fuel. ​

For a diesel engine, the air/diesel mix ignites by itself (auto-ignition) when the temperature and pressure are sufficiently high within the combustion chamber.​

In a natural gas engine (one that runs on CNG or LNG), the blend of air and natural gas is ignited by the spark produced by the spark plug in the combustion chamber... just like in a gasoline engine!​

CNG is gradually being rolled out in Europe, led by Italy and Germany. Professionals (passenger cars and urban or regional transportation trucks) are accelerating their conversion to CNG, especially in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. ​

Miners can also build a private station, if their operation warrants it. ​

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Key benefits

Natural gas


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