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Hydrogen or H2 is an invisible, odourless and non-toxic gas that is lighter than air and easily forms compounds, which means it easily reacts with other molecules. The most commonly known compound is with oxygen: H2O, which is water. H2 is a powerful energy carrier that can be used in fuel cells to generate electricity to power vehicles, or heating systems. Driving on hydrogen is clean: no harmful substances such as pollutants and greenhouse gases are emitted from the vehicle exhaust. ​

To support the mining sector, and other hard-to-decarbonize industries, ensuring a low-carbon, clean hydrogen supply is essential. The uptake of hydrogen for mobility, and in particular green hydrogen produced from renewable electricity, is therefore expected to increase in the coming years. On the vehicle side, the market focus has broadened from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to heavy commercial vehicles such as mining trucks, and shipping vessels. ​

TotalEnergies's network currently counts close to 30 hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and is developing numerous new HRS projects to prepare the market for broader hydrogen adoption. ​

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    tons of renewable hydrogen produced every day
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    tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year ​
  • Product Benefits

    Hydrogen is a carbon-free energy carrier if produced using renewable electricity.
    Used as a vehicle fuel, hydrogen has a minimal environmental footprint with zero harmful tailpipe emissions. ​
    Hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles offer driving comfort, wide range, and fast refuelling. ​


    TotalEnergies​ and Hydrogen

    Nearly two decades of practical experience in hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for transport segment in Europe. ​

    Close to 30 hydrogen stations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and counting...

    A complete offer, from design to installation, operation and maintenance, for professionals. ​


    Various Hydrogen applications


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