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TotalEnergies has combined its solar offer with its mining expertise to develop a sustainable and reliable energy solution for mining companies.

Why choosing solar energy for mining?

Besides being environmentally sustainable, solar energy represents several advantages for the mining industry. Often located in remote areas, mining companies can boost their operational reliability with this off-grid energy solution. The highly reliable, photovoltaic panels can also be used as a back up power supply.

Hybrid solar-diesel solution : a powerful combination

Through its SunPower division, one of the world's leading supplier of solar panels, TotalEnergies is also the perfect supplier of hybrid solar-diesel energy solution for mining companies. By choosing this innovative option, the mining operator combines sustainability with cost-effectiveness.



TotalEnergies and Solar power

For nearly 30 years, specialists at TotalEnergies and in our subsidiaries have helped drive progress across the photovoltaic solar energy chain, fostering the emergence of a reliable, efficient and cost-effective technology. In 2011, by becoming the majority shareholder of SunPower, one of the world's leading solar energy operators, TotalEnergies has given new impetus to its development. A major change in scale, with a key ambition: to become a new world leader in solar energy.

With the addition of Tenesol, SunPower has acquired the expertise to design and tailor-make off-grid solutions. With nearly 30 years of experience working in tough geographical areas we can meet the energy consumption needs. SunPower offers standard and back up PV solutions, fully solar and hybrid solutions (solar/diesel). Building on this, SunPower has excellent experience in deploying and maintaining off grid systems in all types of challenging conditions.

An example of how TotalEnergies’ wind power expertise was able to build the world’s largest hybrid solar photovoltaic-diesel facility, and provide power to IAMGOLD Essakane SA gold mine. Start implementation and see how much you can save.


TotalEnergies Solar<br />
Lower your costs
Solar power costs less and is a more reliable source of electricity because it is impervious to fluctuation in the market.
TotalEnergies Solar<br />
Lower your CO₂ emissions
Switching to solar power sends your customers, employees and investors a powerful message.
TotalEnergies Solar<br />
Extract more value from your land and buildings
Solar systems turn unused or underused space (rooftops, carports, outlying land, etc.) into cash flow streams and savings.



1972 TotalEnergies set up TotalEnergies Énergie Développement (TED), which engineered its first solar panels.
1982 TotalEnergies built its research center in Nanterre, near Paris; the solar power market was riding 40% growth.
2011 SunPower, which produces the most powerful modules on the market, joins TotalEnergies to form a new world leader in the solar industry.
2018 TotalEnergies’ solar expertise is created to produce and sell solar energy to industrial and commercial customers, as well as to the grid.

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