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Anac Becomes LubAnac

Following TotalEnergies arrival, ANAC is reinventing itself to be in line with the global company service strategy.


LubAnac oil diagnosis, the essential tool to optimize your operating costs

Would you like to improve the productivity and competitiveness of your business? If you answered yes, then trust us with your in-service oil analysis!

What is LubAnac oil diagnosis?

With a database of more than 8 million oil samples, LubAnac oil diagnosis's highly professional oil diagnostic system allows you to identify worn lubricants and extend the life of your engines, equipment and machinery.

Improve your fleet management, reduce your operating costs and optimize the maintenance of your vehicle and equipment?

LubAnac oil diagnosis offers a complete range of oil analyses adapted to mining operations. From oil samples, LubAnac oil diagnosis establishes an in-depth diagnosis of all the mechanical parts (engine, transmissions, hydraulics) of your equipment without any dismantling constraints.

The LubAnac oil diagnosis service is both preventive and corrective, and in this way it constitutes a real competitive advantage for your mining site. 
The oil within your equipment contains vital information on its working conditions. 


diagnosis perfomed each year

Key benefits 


Regularly check machines and reduce operating costs


Plan maintenance at the best possible time


Extend the life of the mining equipment


Extend the life of the oil

How does LubAnac oil diagnosis make a difference?  

+ 8,500,000 diagnostics in its database
+ 200,00 diagnostics performed each year
+ 45 years of experience
+ 100 countries where LubAnac is active
+ 10.000 customers worldwide
+ 19 languages available for Reports 


How do you use the LubAnac oil diagnosis service?​

  1. You collect the sample without having to dismantle or stop your machine.​
  2. You send the product to our local laboratory using the analysis kit that we provide you with.​
  3. LubAnac oil diagnosis automatically sends via email, a fully comprehensive report with the analysis of your sample. 
  • 45
    Years of experience
    ON July, 2022
  • 0
    Customers worldwide
  • 8 million
    Oil sample analyzed

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