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Choose a turnkey solution for your zero emission electric mining vehicles​

Saft batteries​

Estimates suggest that around 80 percent of the energy costs of underground mining operations are associated with load, haul and dump (LHD) machines and other vehicles used to move people and equipment through the mine. This is driving a trend towards electrification that enables operators to save on investment and operating costs for ventilation and cooling, improve energy efficiency and increase safety.​


Saft batteries​

Saft is proposing Li-ion battery technology for mining applications. The new battery technology does not need to be curtailed by lengthy charging regimes. In fact, with the right Li-ion battery chemistry and appropriate charging infrastructure, fast-charging of a typical underground mining vehicle can be achieved in just 10 minutes. ​

Key benefits

  • Decreased ventilation systems size with zero emission underground machines and infrastructure cost saving.
  • Reduced maintenance cost by up to 40 percent as BEVs have fewer moving part.
  • Save fuel cost with full electric drivetrain machine.
  • Improved operator experience with low noise and no emission.
  • Reduced charge time.
  • Address environmental concern.
  • Re-use old batteries and connect them to renewable energy like wind or solar farm to generate mine green energy.

Examples of chemistry performance  

Saft chemistry portfolio Energy density Cycle Life Calendar Life Fast Charge Safety
NMC / Graphite +++ ++ ++ ++ +
LFP / Graphite ++ + ++ ++ ++
NMC / LTO  + +++ ++ +++ +++

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