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Operating sustainably & responsibly every day

As a leading oil industry player, we take great care to respect the environment, protect human health, ensure product and facility safety, and promote social and economic development in our host countries.

Health & Safety, a shared priority 

Because enforcing high health and safety standards is also a priority for our mining partners, we have worked together to develop several stringent programs that benefit the various stakeholders on the mine site.

For example, we have developed a series of training modules aimed at making the transportation of petroleum products safer through constant driver traineeship and permanent monitoring of the fleets. Find out more about our continuous training to our mining partners.


Protecting the environment on the mine site 

At TotalEnergies, we consider it our business and our ongoing responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to energy, in an environment that is protected. In the mining industry, this means that we proactively limit our environmental footprint by finding innovative solutions to reduce waste oil and developing treatment, recycling and recovery solutions.

TotalEnergies also provides a full range of innovative, competitive and sustainable solar solutions designed to meet the mining needs.



Local community involvement 

Wherever we can, TotalEnergies tries to benefit the local communities in which we operate. Whether this be through employment at our onsite fuel depots, use of local suppliers, or assisting with solar energy, we do our best to make and leave a positive impact.

Nearly two billion people do not have access to electricity today. To help remedy that, TotalEnergies set an objective: improving the daily lives of five million people by selling one million Awango by TotalEnergies solar lamps. This goal has been met and exceeded: in May 2015, one million solar lamps had been sold in Africa alone. Awango by TotalEnergies is based on social business model and is currently distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.

Ethics and trust

Our strict adherence to our core values — fair working conditions, financial transparency, fraud and corruption prevention, and respect for human rights – enable us to build healthy, long-term relationships with our mining partners and the communities in which we operate. We also believe that a robust ethics process drives sustainable and mutual growth.

Follow the link to find out more about TotalEnergies Group commitments.

Learn more about our 12 golden rules

Golden Rules are the guidelines that are to be applied and followed by everyone in all situations in order to improve the management of risks related to our activities. 12 Golden Rules are written as a series of “musts” and “must not’s”: in all, a set of 50 instructions that all TotalEnergies employees and contractors must comply with.

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