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30/07/2019 News

Total lubricants helps underground miner improve safety

Total lubricants helps underground miner improve safety

Following a hydraulic oil fire at an underground mine in the Asia region, an underground miner selected a fire resistant hydraulic oil over a mineral hydraulic oil.

After a detailed assessment, the Total Lubricants Technical team recommended the use of Total Hydransafe HFDU 68 – a fire resistant, high performing, synthetic ester based hydraulic oil to be utilised in the hydraulic systems of their fleet, which comprises of underground equipment from Sandvik, Normet and Atlas Copco.

The identified Hydransafe HFDU 68 had the following benefits when compared against the initially chosen fire resistant hydraulic oil:

  • Improved Flash Point
  • Improved Fire Point
  • Improved Auto-ignition Temperature
  • Approved by factory mutual which is widely accepted international insurer for fire risk mitigation
  • Ultimately biodegradable

Total Hydransafe HFDU 68 is a synthetic ester based hydraulic oil. Testing was carried out between Total Hydransafe HFDU 68 and the existing product, the results of which reflected that the products were compatible. This made the transition to Total Hydransafe HFDU 68 seamless for the client as the hydraulic systems of their operating equipment could be topped up as a matter of normal operations and until the next service interval and oil change was required.

The high Viscosity Index of Total Hydransafe HFDU 68 guarantees a consistent viscosity for the temperature range in which the lubricant is applied, and together with the carefully engineered lubricating properties helps to reduce wear and enhance equipment life.

In addition to the above improvements, the Total Hydransafe HFDU 68 is ultimately biodegradable for environmental protection and also provides improved cost benefit per litre to the client. The factory mutual approval provides assurance that Total Hydransafe HFDU 68 conforms to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention.

The use of Total Hydransafe HFDU 68lessens the serious risks presented by recourse to that of a mineral oil in the event of a hydraulic hose rapturing or when a leak gives rise to oil mist and the safety implications thereof.

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