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15/02/2019 News

Rubia Works delivers the total package

Total is no stranger to the exacting needs of the Australian mining industry; its Rubia range of heavy duty engine oils is designed for off-highway engines, which typically run hotter and go through more day-to-day variation in terms of loading, idling and revving than their on-road counterparts such as highway trucks and buses.

And now the company has released the latest additions to its range to follow the Rubia Works 1000 and 2000 series; the Rubia Works 3000 and 4000 series.

The 3000 lubricant is formulated using synthetic base stocks to meet the stringent performance requirements of German original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and is available in SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade. It is well suited for modern engines requiring low viscosity for improved fuel economy and long oil life in ultra-extended drain intervals — such as that seen in certain Man and Liebherr engines — Rubia Works 3000 provides adequate high-temperature, high-shear protection.

The 4000 series meets the latest API CK-4 performance classification and has been designed to address the rigorous duty that off-highway engines undergo. Available in three variations, 15W-40, 10W-30 and 10W-40, it has been specifically developed for the most recent engines of the world’s leading construction and mining heavy equipment manufacturers.

While Total’s Rubia Works products concurrently meet European (ACEA), American (API) and Japanese (JASO) oil service classifications, Total Lubrifiants went a step further to anticipate the severe service conditions in off-road applications, which were based on customer feedback from field experience.

“These engines are, in general, experiencing severe duty compared to on-highway engines, which are running at constant speeds with good windage,” says Total automotive application manager – Asian off-road, Jonathan Montales.

“We have anticipated the severity of the environment, and as such have designed the product to be more robust; it can tolerate higher temperatures without sacrificing the performance of the lubricant and the machine.”

While the Rubia Works series has been designed with this robustness in mind for off-highway applications (as opposed to Total’s on-road focused Optima and TIR lubricant range) it is also suitable for use in on-highway engines as well, maximising overall versatility.

“The Rubia Works range is dedicated to off-highway applications but is designed to meet the requirements of on-road fleets as well,” explains Stanislav Frolov, Total global market segment manager – off-road.

Total Lubrifiants’ Research Centre in Lyon has conducted modified oxidation tests to make them more severe than prevailing industry methods, in order to fight against the most stringent oxidative conditions to which off-road engines are often subjected. The Rubia Works 4000 range is particularly well suited for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi and Volvo construction and mining machinery users, says Bernard Lamy, Total senior product development manager – off-road.

“If used correctly, and when properly monitored with Total ANAC oil condition monitoring service, drain intervals can go beyond 500 working hours and up to 2000 working hours may be feasible for some specific applications, figures that were previously unheard of,” he explains. “As a result, not only has the oxidation resistance been improved, but also, the deposits and varnish at high temperatures have been drastically reduced.

“The benefits to the customer are lubrication cost savings, increased uptime and productivity, enhanced engine durability, and in the case of Total’s FE variants, improved fuel economy.”

An additional bonus is the reduced downtime and improved service lengths that accompany the use of the latest Rubia products, which required three years of development to perfect, is that the lubricants can help regulate engine cleanliness.

Total formulates its engine oils with detergent-based additives to clean high temperature piston deposits.  Special ashless dispersant additives are used to prevent sludge formation, which keeps engine surfaces clean and in good working condition.

Overall, Total’s Rubia Works 3000 and 4000 products represent a considerable evolution for the company’s off-highway output, having launched the 1000 series in 2009. Although the products have only recently launched, Montales believes, on the basis of the 1000 and 2000 series, that customer feedback will be positive.

“There is no customer feedback for the time being as we have just launched the products recently,” he explains, “but on the basis of our previous products we have had very positive feedback, so we are looking forward to it.

“We have developed a very robust formulation that can fight against oxidation, extend drain intervals, and tolerate higher temperatures without sacrificing performance.”