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TotalEnergies offers a broad range of synthetic and high-performance mineral based lubricants for all types and brands of mining equipment.

Our objective is to ensure that your equipment is performing at its best performance and looking for opportunities to reduce cost in the operations in the mine site.

TotalEnergies lubricants help reduce cost for mining companies

TotalEnergies has developed long life lubricants that ensure complete protection of the mining equipment. This results in extended component life, less lube consumption, reduced logistical costs and less waste management fees. All of this give support to reducing the total cost of your mining operations.

By replacing just one lubricant, TotalEnergies contributed in saving over £128,000 in 9 months to the UK aggregates provider Lafarge Tarmac in Mountsorrel Quarry.

Find out how we help mining companies reduce their costs through an improved lubrication optimization.



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